Leader of Exeter Symphony Orchestra

Invitation for applicants
We are currently seeking a skilled musician to take on the role of leader of the Exeter Symphony Orchestra. We ask those who are interested in this position to contact the Chairman, via email,  including information on the following:
• approximate AB grade
• playing experience
• leading/teaching experience
• management experience

Job requirements:


  • Attend the majority of rehearsals (usually Tuesday evenings) and all concerts in a season, other than in exceptional circumstances;

  • Agree suitable bowing for string parts in collaboration with other section leaders;

  • Plan, arrange and take string sectionals as required, in collaboration with the MD;

  • Liaise with the MD as required on issues concerning rehearsals and musical performance;

  • Along with other section leaders and MD, evaluate and decide on potential new players as required;

  • Along with MD, engage with soloists and other guests on concert days as the players’ representative
  • Plan flexible seating for the violin sections on a concert by concert basis [current ESO practice, but open for discussion according to views of new incumbent]

Desirable (individually, or in conjunction with a section representative)

  • Liaise with MD and other MG members on “staff management issues” as required;
  • Contribute to the regular work of the Management Group, including attending meetings, programming discussions, proof-reading, etc

  • Cascade information from MG to players, and vice versa, as required.


  • Arrange occasional string workshops for general development of technique and repertoire, including finding suitable music and engaging a string coach.

If you are intersted in this role, or would like further information please contact the Chairman at: [email protected]