The Winter Concert 2019

Saturday 30 November 2019
United Reformed Church,
Southernhay, Exeter
Time: 7.30pm

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The Winter Concert 2019

Details for this concert are yet to be finalised but will hopefully include the following pieces:-

Shostakovich – Festive Overture

Elgar – Cello Concerto 

Bax – Symphony No 4

English music has always been a great passion of mine and it does seem to really engage our very supportive and enthusiastic audiences. Elgar has had quite a good outing with ESO in the last three to four years and a return to the ever popular cello concerto with a fine young soloist from the Countess of Munster trust is a feature of this concert.

The soloist is Kristiana Ignatjeva - and this is an excerpt from 2016 on Utube.More details on this soloist and the music in the concert will be added later.

Your enthusiastic and positive reception of the two symphonic poems by Sir Arnold Bax - we have performed 'Tintagel' twice, and 'November Woods' once with the Vaughan-Wlliams 'Sea Symphony' about a year or so ago - has prompted me to give one of his magnificent symphonies - No 4 - an airing in this concert as the final work of the programme. I dont think you will be disappointed once you hear it. Brian