Summer Concert 2020

Saturday 11 July 2020
St David's Church,
Queen’s Terrace, Exeter
Time: 7.30pm

Summer Concert 2020

The programme is yet to be confirmed, but may include:

John Williams – Harry Potter suite

Carl Nielsen – Flute Concerto

Sergei Rachmaninoff – Symphony No 2

Any music by John Williams will usually bring people flocking to the concert and of course Harry Potter is probably quite a well-known character too!!

Flute concerti are not the most frequent of instrumental concerti to be featured in a concert, but the music of Carl Nielsen has been well accepted in some of our earlier programmes, and this fine use of the flute as a concerto instrument will reveal some of the beautiful tones and characteristics of the instrument without being a piece that is in any way difficult to listen to although it is 20th century. The orchestral scoring is a little unusual in just using one bass trombone in the lower brass, but omitting firstly the trumpets from the score, and then obviously not putting the soloist too much under pressure by also leaving the flutes out of the orchestral score. Unlike the general concerto form it does however only have two movements. The soloist tonight will be Christopher Docherty -

Rachmaninov was not convinced he was a gifted symphonist, especially since his first one received very harsh criticism and was considered an utter disaster. This sent him into a bout of depression. However, even after the success of his second piano concerto - who doesnt love that piece?- he still lacked confidence. Despite this, and after months of struggling, the second symphony was received with great applause, and earned him the Glinka award ten months later. Indeed, along with the Piano concerti nos 2&3, this remains one of the best known and loved of his compositions.