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The Summer Concert 2017

Saturday 8 July 2017
Exeter Cathedral,

The Summer Concert 2017

The Ride of the Valkyries - Richard Wagner

Fandangle - Alec Roth

Dances of Galanta - Zoltán Kodály

A Colour Symphony - Sir Arthur Bliss

Concerto for Violoncello and Orchestra in B minor - Antonin Dvorak (soloist: Raphael Wallfisch)

Birmingham Post, 9th June 2015
“… the glowing richness of Raphael Wallfisch’s tone…” (Orchestra of the Swan, David Curtis cond.)

Bangkok Post, Mayta Lerttamrab, 28 July 2015
“The audience at the Thailand Cultural Center was in ecstasy for large parts of last Tuesday’s concert by cellist Raphael Wallfisch, conductor Martin Yates and Bangkok Symphony Orchestra. The Elgar cello concerto in particular was met with endless cheers and streams of applause. It was truly a spectacular performance that left the audience yearning for more…. Wallfisch took command right from the start of the four-movement piece."

MusicWeb International: ”… Wallfisch’s reading of the Dvořák brings Rostropovich to mind. Like Rostropovich, he has a glowing, bronzed tone, always leading the ear seductively through the solo lines…”

The Observer: “Raphael’s gloriously rich, sonorous solo lines…

It is with really great pleasure that we look forward to welcoming the renowned International cellist Raphael Wallfisch as our soloist in the great Cello Concerto in B minor by Antonin Dvorák. We have been trying for some time to put this concert in place and it is a privilege and joy for us that he will be appearing in this concert.

The programme will also include the pieces listed above, and there is a wide and effective choice for a concert in the Cathedral. It opens with Wagner's 'Ride of the Walkyries' - a well known and dramatic short piece from the opera Die Walkure.

Kodály is represented by the classic Dances from Galánta, and we give a repeat performance of the Fandangle  by Alec Roth, that we played a couple of years ago to a great reception in one of our concerts. I couldn't miss the opportunity to include it again in the splendid acoustics of Exeter Cathedral.

The Bliss symphony represents ceremony that is essentially English, regal, and with a large and colourful use of the orchestra. It is always worth remembering that some of the great tourist draws in England centre on our Royal family, and the historical buildings and ceremonies that are so essentially English, and so well defined. A Colour Symphony is a strong, powerful and expressive creation of the four main colours : Purple - Amethysts, Pageantry, Royalty and Death; Red - Rubies, Wine, Revelry, Furnaces, Courage and Magic;  Blue - Sapphires, Deep Water, Skies, Loyalty and Monarchy; and Green - Emeralds, Hope, Youth, Joy, Spring and Victory. It was written for a three choirs festival concert in 1922, under the supervision of his teacher Ralph Vaughan-Williams.

Bliss discovered a book on heraldry, having been stuck for several weeks for ideas for a symphony, and he decided to title each movement with a colour, without characterising them. Have a listen to the music by clicking on the link above- and then come along and hear this magnificent music in the acoustics of our fine Cathedral. Some comments from people on Youtube may prove helpful to music enthusiasts wondering if this might appeal :- 'One of Britain's best and most engaging symphonies.'  ' Bliss by name and Bliss by nature portrayed in his music.' 'When I close my eyes while I listen to this music I experience different movie scenes. Very exciting.' ' One sees landscapes, cliffs, raw nature, raging seas, quiet cliffs and glimpses of a modern metropolis.'

In the meantime keep a lookout for tickets when they become available and get in quickly!