Thank you to helpers

Posted: 16 May

My last ‘post’ here was a thank you to Don, following him stepping down as our Concert & Venues Manager. So, it seemed entirely appropriate to follow up that message with another thank you, this time to our band of helpers who have put themselves forward in one capacity or other.

Firstly, you will all have seen Sophie Brewer and Julia Iddon busying themselves in their roles as our new joint Librarians. I am delighted they offered to do this job, which is absolutely critical to the smooth running of rehearsals and concerts – please do all you can to help them, by keeping safe and returning your music when requested. They have also asked for any feedback about the quality of the scores. See below a picture of the two ladies (together with some of the special guests at the Waterloo concert) and they can both be reached on their shared e-mail address: [email protected]

Next a very warm welcome to Tim Payne who has taken on the Concert Day Manager part of Don’s old role. Tim is cellist Caroline’s husband, and has already delivered the July concert with aplomb, as well as being instrumental in the organising of June’s Waterloo concert in the Cathedral. The other part of Don’s job is Venues Manager and Tamsin Lufkin (violin) has taken this on – linking in with the school and URC to ensure arrangements are in place for rehearsals and concerts etc.

On concert days, I am also very grateful for the help that is provided by our ‘ad hoc’ volunteer group – Bob Fletcher (Tara’s father), Jeremy Clevett (Kate’s husband) and Anne Taylor (Myles’s wife). They take responsibility for ‘meeting and greeting’, selling programmes and any troubleshooting before the concerts, as well as providing the refreshments during the interval. Please do take a moment to stop and thank these essential helpers, for the work they do on your behalf.

I hope everyone remains delighted with the website and also the posters and programmes created for each concert. These continue to be delivered for us by Josh Beadon (trumpet) and the team at Toucan Design. Alongside, we have also had invaluable support from Marc at Astley Media, which has led to an increased number of articles appearing in the press, featuring the wider ‘ESO story’ – it’s great to have all of these experts on hand to do what they do well!

Finally, we are building up a good ‘bank’ of photographs taken by Andy Tombs. These range from informal ‘snaps’ at rehearsals to great panoramas from the cathedral concerts (now appearing on our Facebook homepage).

So, thanks from me to everyone who has volunteered to help ESO function across all these different roles and if you, or anyone you know, has the time to help, or a particular skill, do please get in touch with me at [email protected]


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