Thank you to Don

Posted: 18 April

a huge 'thank you' to don alder who is stepping down as concert day and venues manager for ESO.

After 4 years as the ESO concert and venues manager, we are sorry to have to say 'goodbye' to Don Alder.

Having been 'volunteered' by Tracey back in 2010, Don went on to become an influential and valued member of the 'back room' team at ESO. It just goes to show what can result from getting involved!

We spoke to Don and asked him about his time in role.

Q: How did you get involved with ESO?

A: My daughter Tracey (French Horn player) volunteered me!

Q: Best moment?

A: The 2014 RTPI concert in Exeter Cathedral, to celebrate that association's Centenary.

This is what Don said to us about the success of that concert: "If the RTPI had had their way, we could have taken the Orchestra on a national tour to play the same music in other regions of the organisation".

Q: What would you most like to hear ESO play (that they haven't played already)?

A: Music by Mahler or Shostakovich - Mahler's 2nd Symphony (The Resurrection) would be at the top, or close to the top.

Because of the hard work, dedication and superb organisational skills that Don brought to the team, the musicians of ESO have been able to concentrate on the music, knowing that the venues, logistics and concert day itself were all taken care of.

Our Chairman added: "Each term, I guess that most of the Orchestra are probably unaware of much of what Don has done to ensure that rehearsals and concert days run smoothly. He has been totally unflappable and impressed me with how he always puts the musicians and concert goers first in all that he does. On a personal level, it's a real shame that Don has had to step down a little earlier than planned, but we wish both him and Brenda well for the future".

Don is handing over this important role to two new volunteers - Tim Payne and Tamsin Lufkin. We are very grateful to them for stepping up and giving their time to support the continuing progress of ESO. At the management meeting in April, on behalf of the whole orchestra, Don was presented with a bottle of his favourite tipple and a bouquet of flowers to take home for Brenda, his wife.

We look forward to seeing Don in the audience at future concerts.

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