Exeter Symphony Orchestra musicians go back to the classroom

Posted: 17 March

Some of our musicians hit a high note with pupils when they attended music lessons at Ladysmith Junior School.

The visit was part of an effort to bring to life the BBC’s Ten Pieces Project which is an ambitious new initiative for primary schools, which aims to inspire a generation of children to get creative with classical music and is supported by professional musicians such as Nicola Benedetti.

The visit was led by David Norrish with Ruth Lock, Tamsin Lufkin, Hillary Judd and Caroline Thomas volunteering their services. The orchestra had been contacted by teacher Kathy Rowden who afterwards said: “The Exeter Symphony Orchestra members helped the children understand more about how musicians have to work as a team and that each instrument has different roles within the orchestra.”

“They inspired those who already play an instrument to practice and persevere and many who don’t to start to learn one.”

David Norrish (violin) commented; “We were impressed by the way in which the children came into the hall, their attention and concentration and the enthusiasm with which they participated.”

“We were further impressed by the pupils’ own performance of the ‘body percussion’ piece – a great way of showing them that everyone has ability to perform.”

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