10 minutes with ... Myles Taylor

Posted: 6 June

10 Minutes with…….. Myles Taylor

Principal Trumpet ESO and Consultant Obstetrician at the RD&E.

Myles will be playing trumpet in the duet - Trumpet Tune & Air by Henry Purcell in The Waterloo Concert for the ABF The Soldiers Charity in Exeter Cathedral on the 20th June 2015

ESO: Why the trumpet?

MT: My first instrument was the violin but my mum bought a second hand trumpet in a sale when I was about 11 so playing the trumpet happened by chance rather than by design.

ESO: If you could choose to be doing anything right now what would it be?

MT: Walking in the Lake District.

ESO: The piece of music that touches your soul?

MT: Mahler 2, Resurrection Symphony.

ESO: The temptation you wish you could resist?

MT: Chocolate – at the moment it’s Millionaires Shortbread mainly because I’m the only one in the family that likes it, so more for me!

ESO: Who has the best rehearsal banter?

MT: Mark Perry (also known as Mary) the Assistant Conductor. He’s extremely quick witted and very funny.

ESO: The film you could watch time and time again?

MT: The Sound of Music, I must have watched it at least 30 times.

ESO: If I came round for dinner what would you cook for me?

MT: Roast beef or beef bourguignon although I’ve recently done a curry course at the Ashburton School of Cookery so it would probably be a curry with my homemade naan bread.

ESO: If you could duet with a famous singer or musician who would it be?

MT: Alison Balsom (of course)!

ESO: Messy or neat freak?

MT: Messy, in that I can work pretty much anywhere and my workspace/desk is always untidy.

ESO: Describe the best day of your life.

MT: My wedding day at Worcester College, Oxford. The perfect day and of course it included some beautiful music.

ESO: Where would you ‘time travel’ to?

MT: Either the 1st or 2nd World War, it fascinates me and I would like to find out and understand more about both.

ESO: How many hours do you practice each week?

MT: Including rehearsals for ESO and The Stan Hacking Concert Band I probably play/practice about 7 hours each week.

ESO: What is your tech essential?

MT: Undoubtedly my iPhone.

ESO: What’s your perfect Sunday?

MT: Coffee and a cooked breakfast, a game of golf with my son followed by a roast lunch with plenty of red wine, a little siesta and to round of the day an episode of ‘Call the Midwife’.

ESO: What would you call your autobiography?

MT: ‘Blowing my own Trumpet’!

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